ExpressionEngine 2.5.5 Released


We’ve released ExpressionEngine 2.5.5 to address an issue that may affect date variable formatting for third-party add-ons, along with a few minor fixes.

Quick Upgrading for 2.5.4

If your site is already running 2.5.4, upgrading can be done easily by replacing the following files from your 2.5.5 download archive:

  • system/expressionengine/libraries/Core.php
  • system/expressionengine/libraries/Template.php
  • system/expressionengine/models/member_model.php
  • system/expressionengine/modules/channel/
  • system/expressionengine/modules/safecracker/libraries/safecracker_lib.php
  • system/expressionengine/modules/simple_commerce/mod.simple_commerce.php

Then in your config.php, set app_version as follows:


Comments & Feedback

  1. ohhhhh quick update….... thank you…..

    Picture of yashilanka


  2. I’ve just updated yesterday!!!
    A bit too quick if you ask me

    Picture of ly_s


  3. awesome

    Picture of Ian Callender

    Ian Callender

  4. No such thing as an update that comes too quick! (though some kind of auto-updater would make it easier wink
    Thanks for responding so quickly, guys!!

    Picture of apsdsm


  5. An auto updater would be nice, but I think I remember it being discussed on the forum a while back - could cause problems with add-ons that need tweaked for any changes. I’ll take the hit on update time any day if security or stability will be improved grin

    Picture of WinkingFrog


  6. wow .. will save a little stress of taking backups and all smile

    Picture of Bhashkar Yadav

    Bhashkar Yadav

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